About Robyn + Quinn


She believes that anyone can change, she certainly has. She spent the majority of her life dealing with body image issues, acne and digestive disorders. You name the diet, she tried it. Yet nothing seemed to work.

By 19, she was overweight, struggling with acne and completely depressed about it. In her 20s she became focused on her health. She continued to diet, but nothing worked long term. Her weight yo-yo’ed for 7 years until she found herself at the weight she started from, and vowed once and for all to never let herself go like that ever again.

Since then, she’s lost over 35 pounds, and finally looks (and feels) the way she’s always imagined she could! Her skin is clear, she has tons of energy and her digestive issues have dramatically faded.

But she’s still not “perfect” (there’s no such thing).  She definitely gets down with chocolate or some french fries here and there, but ultimately it’s all about balance.  She’s found what  works for her own body but realizes that health will always be a work in progress.

Where she used to voraciously crave food, she now  craves information about how to live the healthiest life possible.

The #1 way she has come to terms with her unhealthy relationship with food?  Learn to cook the things she loves.  This is what demystified food for her, it took away it’s power.  Cooking is now her creative outlet, her passion and even her platform for meditation.




Robyn Youkilis Robyn’s entire life, she struggled with food. Diet pills, starving (though that never lasted very long), bingeing, rinse, and repeat.
She was constantly comparing herself (and her thighs) to others, always wishing she had a slender boyish frame…

Then came the no-fat craze which completely TOOK HER OUT. She completely changed the way she ate (which was the way all kids eat, intuitively)  and turned her into someone who just well, ate. And ate and ate.

“Adulthood” was only slightly better.  She was on a  “roller coaster cycle of good and bad”.  She went through phases where she was good (aka eating less crap and losing a few pounds) and phases where she was “bad” (aka eating after nights of drinking, drinking, well drinking some more and eating some more, mostly out of boredom).

The thing that finally helped her find balance and get off that proverbial roller coaster was cooking.  Understanding food and how to nourish her body was the only way to stop that vicious cycle of calorie counting and bingeing.  She literally  had to re-learn how, and started by figuring out  the right foods were for her unique body.

People are always shocked to see her eating cake at a special event but the thing is, she’s  found balance in her life.  It’s not what you eat some of that time that makes you healthy, it’s what you eat most of the time.

She’s finally off that cycle of “good and bad phases” and has never looked back.