How It All Started

The real question is, where did these chicks learn about cooking and how to truly nourish their bodies?  Well, they both went to the world’s leading nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where they were certified as Health Coaches and are members of the AADP, American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

As for cooking, they both have Jewish grandmas, cable (shout out to all our Cooking Mentors!) and a massive desire to eat real, whole food… combine those three things and the cooking just  kind of falls into place.

Since graduating from Integrative Nutrition Robyn + Quinn have each developed successful health coaching practices working with clients in a 1-on-1 format to help them lose weight and improve their overall health.  On the side, they both teach monthly cooking classes.  Robyn has her Cooking Club, Quinn has her Cooking Parties and they both obviously have a love of the night life… (club?  party?  get it?  Anyway…)

After bumping into each other at an Integrative Nutrition function they started talking about how much they each love to cook and wish they could incorporate more of that into their business. (It was summer,  so they also started talking about how they wish they could just be at camp.)

All of their clients “want to eat better” (aka more real foods and less of the packaged stuff) and “save money” but also claim they’re “too busy to plan, shop and cook”.  Just like that, Robyn + Quinn took their passion for something old fashioned and gave it a 21st century makeover:  an online, interactive cooking show designed for even the busiest of peeps.  Bing, bang, boom:  Healthy Cooking Camp was born.