Brand We Love: KIND

There are many reasons that we love KIND.  Reason #1 is written right on the package: “Ingredients you can see and pronounce“.

There are a million different bars on the market (and we’ve tried about 99,999 of them) but KIND stands apart because when it comes to ingredients, they keep it simple.  And simple is just how we like it.

Their focus is on quality ingredients that taste great and give your body what it needs.

KIND also offers various bars that are super low in sugar (Madagascar Vanilla Almond is a fave at only 4g), yet high in fiber and omega-3s, which is exactly what we crave when we’re running around like crazy and can’t sit down for a normal meal.


The coolest thing?  This box set comes with a card that says this:

“Do the KIND thing and do an unexpected act of kindness for someone today.  Then, give them this card so they can do the same”

But you don’t need a card to follow the message.  KIND is food with a soul.  Now that’s something we can totally get down with.

What is your favorite KIND product?  Are you all about the bars?  Or hooked on their granola.  Let us know in the comments below…

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