Homemade Veggie Stock

Posted by: Quinn

My faaavorite feeling in the world is when I finally do something that I’ve been super scared of/ intimidated by and realize that it was super easy and fun!

That’s what happened when I made Vegetable Stock.  Ok, maybe “fun” is taking it a little too far, but it was super easy and now I have every intention of making it all the time.  For example, I’m moving next week into my own big girl apartment (YAY!) and veggie stock will be the first thing I throw on my stove to infuse my space with the smell of HOME.

Here’s the recipe.  I’m going to give to you to grandma style with no formal measurements because I think that’s the best way…  Just know, no matter what, you will create a flavorful base for any soup.

There is no right way, or wrong way to make veggie stock.


Vegetable Stock
Servings: depends what you’re using it for.  probably around 6-10
Time: 2 + hours

  • 2-3 carrots, chopped
  • 2-3 celery stalks, chopped
  • 4 yellow onions, large dice
  • A BIG soup pot filled 3/4 of the way with water
  • 2-3 cloves garlic (optional)
  • 2-3 bay leaves (optional)
  • Some fresh herbs, like thyme or rosemary (optional)


Put everything in your large soup pot and bring to a boil.  Then, reduce to a simmer and allow it to cook for 2 hours.  Strain out all of the veggies and herbs.  Cool and store in an airtight container or jar.  That’s all, folks.

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How to Chop an Onion

No use crying over chopped onions.

We’ve all heard a million things about how to avoid the tears while chopping an onion.  Wear sunglasses.  Put a piece of bread in your mouth.  Hold your breath.

We tried them all.  They’re all weird and they’re all wrong.  But here’s what does work:

1) Put your onions in the fridge before chopping them.  Cold onions don’t make you cry too much.  BUT you don’t want to always store your onions in the fridge because it decreases their flavor.

2) Learn how to chop quickly and efficiently.  Start by watching this video.  Then, practice makes perfect.

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How To: Hard Boil an Egg

We know, we know.  This is like the most simple thing in the world.  BUT, somehow it’s also SO simple to flub it up.  Texture can be off, it can be hard to peel the shells, the eggs get green… a lot of things can go wrong.

For years, clients have been whispering questions about this and readers have been sending anonymous emails… no one wants to admit that they don’t really know how to hard boil an egg!

Before one more hard boiled egg gets spoiled we wanted to give you all the deets on how to do it just right.  So, we made the most cut and dry vanilla video ever about how exactly to hard boil an egg.

You can thank us below, using a pseudonym, of course 😉

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Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

1. Brine (aka soak) the turkey in a tub of salt water & herbs for at least 24 hours.

2. Slather your turkey in butter, salt and pepper for flavor.

3.  Baste the turkey at least every 30 minutes to keep it moist.

4. Make sure you have lots of amazing sides like cranberries, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts so you have a mixtures of colors, textures and flavors on your plate.

5.  If all else fails…

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Technique: Apple Chips

Ok, let’s just get this out of the way. This is not a recipe. It’s a technique. We know it’s a little funny that we’re not giving you a recipe with this video from a chef, but sometimes having a new perspective on an old favorite can be even better than a brand new recipe.

For really awesome recipes on a regular basis you can check out Quinn’s website over here.

Quinn’s Apple Chips
Serving: 1
Time: 2 minutes

  • 1 apple

Slice off a portion of the apple, just avoiding the core. Put the flat surface down then thinly slice into chip-like pieces. Cut off another chunk of apple, avoiding the core and continue to slice. Keep going until you’ve chopped the whole apple into chips. For an extra treat dip chips in cinnamon and enjoy!

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