What People Are Saying

Healthy Cooking Camp was featured in the News section of NYLON Magazine’s April issue.

“You’ve heard all the excuses before: from “I’m too busy to cook at home,” to “I end up overeating when I cook for myself,” there’s always a justification for what keeps people from taking control in their own kitchen.

These are exactly the challenges that Integrative Nutrition graduates Quinn Asteak and Robyn Youkilis set out to tackle. Both have thriving health coaching practices in New York City and share a passion for whipping up healthy, delicious meals. After meeting at the Fall IINto Action Conference,  the two got to chatting and decided to team up and create a program to teach people how cooking can make all the difference. Thus was born {Healthy} Cooking Camp…”

-Institute for Integrative Nutrition Blog

“Cooking along with a Food Network show has its limitations. What, you don’t have any Meyer lemons in your fridge? No mandoline handy? You’d never use chicken stock?

Robyn Youkilis andQuinn Asteak, the founders and chefs ofHealthy Cooking Camp, want to change all that with simpler techniques, healthier ingredients, and on-the-spot answers to your cooking questions…”

-Well + Good

“I talk to so many people every day who want to do more home cooking (especially HEALTHY cooking) but they aren’t sure where to start. Lots of people say they don’t have the time or energy to cook at home, although they would really like to. Well, your wish has been granted. Healthy Cooking Camp is here to save the day!…”
-Healthy Crush

“Are you afraid of your kitchen? Do you want to cook good meals, but you’re not really sure where to start? Does it seem like there’s not enough time in the day to figure out how to plan meals? Is take-out your best friend? If, like many of the energetic duo Quinn Asteak and Robyn Youkilis’s clients, the answer is yes—and you don’t want it to be—then you’ve come to the right place…”

-Laini’s Little Pocket Guide

“With a hectic lifestyle it can be extremely difficult to eat healthy on the go since most fast food options are usually unhealthy. The three-part series; Savvy Eating will show how it is achievable to eat healthy when there are time constraints. I reached out to Healthy Cooking Camp for experts advice, continue reading to learn more!…”


“You know that feeling when you can’t wait to go home and watch your new favorite show?  Well that’s how I feel about Quinn Asteak & Robyn Youkilis’s Healthy Cooking Camp videos!  They add so much fun and whit to the kitchen that all the things that used to be scare to me, like kale (yikes!) and a mysterious grain called Quinoa (what?!) are now officially my best friends.  I would recommend Healthy Cooking Camp to ANYONE who likes to eat because it doesn’t matter if you know how to cook or not, Quinn and Robyn will have you creating magic in your kitchen in no time.  Happy eating campers!”
-Nitika Chopra, Founder www.yourbellalife.com

“I wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed the videos so far. I have saved all of them to watch or rewatch (you are like my private tivo service these days). What you are doing is great! You have amazing chemistry together which lends to your product and makes the viewer want to go on.”
Jayne Siegel

“Robyn and Quinn’s Healthy Cooking Camp was ridiculously fun and an amazing learning 
experience! These incredibly intelligent women really know how to work a kitchen and bring a stylish culinary art to camera. Highly entertaining, educational (this is where I found the secrets to slicing an onion), and inspiring. You feel like you could drink wine, laugh, and cook along with these girls upon coming home after a long day of work. A deliciously new way to hang out!”
– Joyce Yu,  www.sparkhealthsolutions.com

“What a great evening of cooking with two superstars of healthy cooking. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your love of the nutritious ingredients we used last night shone though right into my kitchen. Can’t wait to eat the leftovers and to cook with you again next week.”
-Barbara Shleifer

 ”Listen to me! This is an AMAZING Healthy Cooking program, like none other I have ever seen, or heard about. You get the amazing wisdom of 2 of the coolest Healthy Cooking Coaches in NYC, learning ALL you need to know how to make healthy meals, do your body good and have a fantastic time while doing it. They have a great way of presenting the info in a way an amateur can understand not to mention they make you laugh and feel comfortable the whole time. I plan on being a client for life. Thank you, Robyn and Quinn.”

– Matt O’Grady, CEO HarmoniaMedia.com

Healthy Cooking Camp was so much fun! I already cook pretty frequently, and I had no idea there was still so much to learn! I picked up tons of new techniques for healthy, quick, simple cooking from Robyn & Quinn. The best part? You can tell how much both of them genuinely love what they’re teaching. They’re having a great time with it, which makes the whole experience so enjoyable. Watching Healthy Cooking Camp feels like two great friends just stepped into your kitchen to cook for you. I wholeheartedly recommend anything that Robyn & Quinn are dishing out!
Jenny Sansouci, Founder www.healthycrush.com

“My husband and I are meat and potatoes kinda people. The hilarious ladies of HCC engaged us in the healthier side of our dinner plate. Quinn and Robyn taught us some quick and easy ways to add vegetables to our meals. Their salad dressing was to die for and I never thought I would hear my husband ask for brussel sprouts and quinoa, but it happens all the time now. My waistline, my husband, and I thank you ladies. Can’t wait for next season.”
Sage Burrell, movie producer

“WOW! How convenient it was to learn how to cook something so healthy, in the privacy of my own home, from two talented and extremely knowledgeable teachers. Robyn and Quinn make cooking fun, and in just four entertaining videos, I’ve got great meals that my whole family loves to eat. McDonald’s will be out of business once people see how easy it is to cook this healthy!”
Danielle Diamond, www.xenstrength.com
“I may only be 11, but I’m a huge fan of healthy cooking camp. I love to cook, and have made your salmon recipe 4 times already- even my little brother asks for seconds. Please do this again so I can learn even more recipes!
Jake Diamond, chef in training

“Cooking with Robyn and Quinn was so much fun! I learned so much and got compliments from the family on how good the food tasted. It was really a special experience to be able to share a cooking experience with a bunch of people right from your own kitchen. And the biggest perk, is that you get to eat a fabulous meal at the end of the experience. This was a great learning experience from two health coaches who really give of themselves. Whether it’s imparting their personals tips for weight loss or teaching cooking techniques, they keep the learning fun, insightful and plentiful.”
Maya Kader

Before Healthy Cooking Camp I was taking short cuts that weren’t beneficial for the long-run.  In HCC I learned valuable skills that make cooking simple.  I actually even learned things I thought I knew…i.e.  what I thought was steaming was not steaming! I wanna take healthy cooking camp again!!
Hannah Oehl
Before Healthy Cooking Camp I was at an impasse when it came to cooking but since taking the program I learned enough to be more spontaneous in the kitchen, which his the most valuable thing I could have learned.  I loved the format of live cooking!
Abby Strauss