Resolutions: We’ll Tell You Ours If You Tell Us Yours

Oh hey, what’s up, 2013?  We have a good feeling about you… but let’s start this thing right with some legit, realistic resolutions.

Here’s the thing, every year people make impossible-to-keep New Year’s Resolutions.  The problem?  They come up with super vague, long term goals but leave out the whole actionable-steps part of the equation.  In other words, they have a “what” but leave out the “how”.  Rookie mistake 🙂

At HCC we are ALLL about the how.  Like, in our online cooking program, we don’t just tell you what to cook, we truly teach you how to cook.

Even though we both cook constantly we are always on the quest to learn more about food, make better meals and try new things.  So this year, we came up with a couple (just a couple!) little things that we want to accomplish in the kitchen.

Most of all, we want to hear from you!!!  What are YOUR New Year’s {Cooking} Resolutions?  What do you want to try?  What recipes have you been wanting to make?  What cooking goals do you have for yourself?

Please Share!!!


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10 thoughts on “Resolutions: We’ll Tell You Ours If You Tell Us Yours

  1. My New Years Cooking Resolutions are as follows:

    1. Try one new recipe per week.
    2. Host my first dinner party (that I cook for!)

    Love you guys!

  2. I’ve got mine! I’m going to make/ ferment my own raw sauerkraut without it tasting/going bad! I can never get it quite right! have you guys ever made it?

  3. New Year’s Resolution:

    Eat leftovers. I live with a man (my husband) that won’t eat leftovers. I’m going to learn to freshen them up so he won’t know he’s actually eating leftovers.

    • oOoOoH sneaky one, Barbara! We like it, we like it a lot! Give those leftovers a makeover and he’ll never know they aren’t freshly made!

  4. I’d love to learn to cook some (dairy-free) Indian food. I am intrigued by the flavors but intimidated by the variety of unusual spices required!! I’d love to learn some easy and not too spicy recipes, that I could get started with!

    • We feel you, Ellen! Indian food can be mighty intimidating but it’s really not hard. Once you have all the spices at home it will become easier to play around and experiment. Let us know how it all turns out.

  5. My resolution is to PRE-PLAN – this is where I fall off the healthy eating wagon as I grab the nearest food possible and eat it regardless as I’m hungry, low blood sugar, and needing a quick fix! I shall aim to plan meals, that way I will also use all my fresh ingredients (veggies & fruits) before they go bad and need throwing away. I will also aim to go meat-free atleast one day a week.

    My 2nd resolution isn’t to do with cooking as such, but it’s more to do with mental thoughts. I will put myself first, honour my body correctly like I would honour others (family & friends) and really make an effort to stay positive. If I allow negative thoughts and put myself down, my esteem, healthy living goals and general wellbeing suffers big time. I aim to spend 10mins everyday, appreciating my body, deep breathing, and encouraging positivity to connect my mind and body and lead a happy life.

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