Rock the Kitchen – Complete Set

We know you love good food.
You just don’t have the time, energy or motivation to make it.

Imagine what life would feel like if you: 

  • Were able to whip up a magnificent meal in 10 minutes (less time than it takes for delivery or takeout!)?
  • Knew how to throw together a delicious dinner with just a handful of pantry staples?
  • Could breeze through the grocery store without worrying about what to make?
  • Save money by cooking at home so that you could get that awesome new dress…in a smaller size ;)?
  • Could slim down effortlessly while eating simple and elegant meals?
  • Were able to feed your friends + family–including the picky eaters– with one meal?

That would rule, right?  Well, that’s where Health Coaches and Healthy Cooking Experts Robyn Youkilis + Quinn Asteak come in…

In their new virtual learn-to-cook program Rock the Kitchen they’re gonna teach you how all that– and so much more– is possible.

{Healthy} Cooking Camp’s Rock the Kitchen will:

Save  you money
Increase your energy
Help you naturally lose weight
Allow you to break free from belly bloat
Have more swagger in your skinny jeans
Put a meal on the table for the people you love
Have a diet that is satisfying and truly delicious
And finally answer the age old question,
“What the heck is for dinner”?

{Healthy} Cooking Camp’s Rock the Kitchen Virtual Learn-to-Cook Program is Totally for You if You…

  • Want to cook more, but need recipes that are as fast and easy as they are delicious
  • Are curious about cooking but need the fundamentals
  • Are tired of takeout and know deep down you need to upgrade your food
  • Have some basic skills but need the right recipes to spice up your life
  • Love to eat real food but don’t feel totally intimidated by the kitchen
  • Are becoming tired of your tried and true recipes and need some new inspiration
  • Are sick of feeling bloated and blahhhh
  • Have trouble getting your cute butt out of bed in the morning
  • Suffer from the same sleepy slump every afternoon
  • Feel pressure from the picky eaters in your life to put something on the plate
  • Want to cook some fun food for friends and family but feel totally overwhelmed
  • Are sick of your meal time monotony
  • Are done making excuses… and ready to make dinner!

If you were like “Girl, that’s so me!”
to any of those statements then
Rock the Kitchen is for you!

The proof is in the pudding.  Check out what people are saying about {Healthy} Cooking Camp: 

The 16 Secrets You’ll Only Learn in HCC’s Rock the Kitchen:

1. How to make vegetables that taste like candy
2. How the term “push the tush” will save you dollars
3. The #1 spice that makes everything sing
4. The one veggie that instantly drops the lbs
5. How to make pasta… out of a vegetable
6. The perfect formula to make a marinade that never misses the mark
7. A menu that will make your guests have a mouth-gasm
8. The proven HCC method to keep kitchen clean up under five minutes
9. How a pair of kitchen shears will keep your counters cleaner and save you time
10. The greens that none of you are putting in your salad but should be
11. How to open a champagne bottle… or not
12. How to make sweet potatoes in under 10 minutes (hint it’s not with a microwave!)
13. The 10 pantry staples that you can mix and match for 10 amazing meals
14. How to season your food like a top chef
15. How to make a simple boring bean totally drool-worthy and utterly cravable
16. How to make a pizza crust that’s packed with protein… with only 3 ingredients… in 20 minutes flat

Want to know what’s included in {Healthy} Cooking Camp’s Rock the Kitchen?

You will receive:

  • Over 35 time saving recipes for vegans and carnivores alike
  • 10 meals you can prepare in 10 minutes or less
  • Customized “how-to” HCC cooking show that walks you through our most revolutionary recipes with fun and sass
  • Bonus videos that cover topics like meal planning, portion sizes, your relationship with food and more
  • HCC’s “Fundamentals of Cooking” video series (17 in total!) that will teach you all the basic cooking and cutting techniques
  • Bonus recipes that include ingredient swaps designed to help you build kitchen confidence and develop your senses as a chef
  • Cooking time charts for easy referencing when preparing all vegetables, grains and proteins
  • A full ingredient breakdown including: health benefits, how to store produce and grains for optimal lifespan and selecting the best meats, fish and dairy
  • Best of all, will be able to download all the videos, recipes and handouts so you can feel like you’re at “camp” all year round

See what the press is saying about {Healthy} Cooking Camp:

Not Sure if {Healthy} Cooking Camp’s Rock the Kitchen
is Your Cup of Tea?

If your dream is to be an everyday gourmet and feel comfortable making fast, easy, healthy, delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones…
then Rock the Kitchen is totally your jam!

If you’re looking to learn about complex, advanced, intricate cooking techniques or want training to work in, say, a restaurant we think that’s awesome:
This might be the better place for you.

Rocking the Kitchen means being able to…

  • Get in and out of the kitchen in 10 minutes flat
  • Know how to chop, dice, mince, saute, boil, braise and more
  • How to plan a week’s worth of meals for one… or five
  • Know exactly what the hell to make for dinner
  • Make a week’s worth of lunches in under an hour
  • Stop wasting money on food because it goes bad in a day
  • Have more energy for plans with friends, working out, or the new fall TV lineup
  • Stop being so damn cranky all the time because you’re eating junky foods that put you in a junky mood.
  • Have money in your pocket for the little joys like manicures, massages, and movies
  • Clear up brain space (now that you don’t need to think about what’s for dinner anymore!) to focus on more important things like your meditation practice, giving back to the community or you know, the fact that Barney’s now offers their sample sale ONLINE (so cool!)
  • Information that will last a lifetime and recipes that you can pass down for generations (or at least to your best friends)

As soon as you register you will get INSTANT ACCESS
to a Members Only Site.

And now it’s time for a breakdown:

Robyn + Quinn’s quickest recipes to get you feeling great even if you got home late.  We’re not talking PB+J here, folks.  These are some incredible recipes that you’d normally only find at the most innovative restaurants.  We scoured the market for the healthiest and best tasting ingredients, mixed them with the most flavorful and fast cooking techniques and are bringing you the amazing results – 10 minute meals (move over Rachael Ray!) that will quickly become your new weekly staples.

  • Instructional cooking video
  • Yoga in the Kitchen video so you can get centered and stretched while you make an easy meal.
  • Bonus recipes
  • Helpful handouts


Sensuous and satiating, Robyn + Quinn show you what to eat up while you trim down.  Satisfying and innovative are not words you often hear when it comes to weight loss menus but, come on now, this is {Healthy} Cooking Camp, and you should expect nothing less!  We came up with some superior meals that will keep your taste buds buzzing as your waist gets whittled.  

  • Instructional cooking video
  • Health Coaching video from Robyn where she gives you her best tips for portion control, slimming down naturally, mindful eating and more!
  • Bonus recipes
  • Helpful handouts

Is feeding the whole family with one meal a challenge?  Not anymore.  A huge deterrent from cooking delicious homemade food for your loved ones is those darn fussy eaters.  Right?  Not anymore.  Robyn + Quinn put together their top recipes that even the pickiest of eaters can get down with.  These meals satisfy the whole family all while using delicious and fresh ingredients.  Say goodbye to the days of making separate dishes for everyone or keeping things super simple (aka: bland).  HCC is gonna spice up your life AND make it easier!

  • Instructional cooking video
  • Video from Quinn on having a healthy relationship with your  food and the kitchen
  • Bonus recipes
  • Helpful handouts


Delicious dishes to keep you out of the kitchen and where you belong: with your guests.  Wish you had the cooking chops to invite a plethora of people over for the perfect dinner?  Now you can!  {Healthy Cooking} Camp serves up some easy entertaining menus (creative cocktails included!) that will really wow the crowd.  They require minimal effort for maximum mingling.

  • Instructional cooking video
  • Sample Recipe: Sparkly Sage Cider cocktail
  • Bonus recipes
  • Helpful handouts


After registration, you receive instant access to our beautiful Members Only Site that is home to all the videos, recipes, handouts and more forever and ever.

Ready to sign up but you still have questions?  Absolutely no problem.  Just email us at and we’re happy to go over anything with you.

See you in YOUR kitchen 🙂