Five Tips for the Perfect Salad #SaladFest2013

We’ve been sharing daily mouthwatering salad recipes and now we want to share a template for how to create your own perfect salad in 5 easy steps!

Maybe this will help inspire you to post your own creation for #SaladFest2013! 

There’s still time to have YOUR recipe featured on the blog!  Scroll to the bottom for the easy directions.

1.  Include fresh herbs.  Any and all of them.  Throw in some basil, parsley, cilantro, mint…it will totally take your salad to the next level.

2. Make sure you have something crunchy.  Try toasted pumpkin seeds, raw slivered almonds, raw carrots, cucumbers, jicama or cut up kohlrabi (a completely forgotten and super yummy veggies this time of year).

3. Season that baby up!  Use quality sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and make sure you really work your dressing into the greens.  Even distribution is key (and that way you won’t need to use as much)!

**Our secret to the perfect dressing is 2 parts good quality oil + 2 parts acid (vinegar or citrus) + 1 part Dijon mustard.  A little S & P and you’re good to go!

4. Always include something unexpected.  Try sliced banana, blueberries, granola, seaweed snacks, scrambled eggs, or any leftovers (like curry or stir fries).

5. Go for a chop-chop.  Put it all on a board and take out your aggression by chopping all of your ingredients into easy, bite size pieces.


Here’s how to follow along AND enter your own salad recipe to be featured on the blog

1. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

2. Submit your summer salad recipe using either of these options:

a) Post a recipe on your blog and Tweet or FB the link at us using the hashtag #SaladFest2013.  An example – after creating your own blog post you could tweet out, ”Just posted my summer salad recipe for the @Cooking_Camp girls! I would love to be featured for #SaladFest2013!”

b) Don’t have a blog?  Email us your recipe and Tweet or FB using the hashtag #SaladFest2013 to let everyone know you’ve entered. For instance, ” I just emailed my famous chicken salad recipe to the @Cooking_Camp girls.  Retweet this to see it on their site #SaladFest2013″

3. The lucky tastemaker who makes the most noise about #SaladFest2013 will have their Summer Salad recipe featured on our site.  

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