What Do You Eat, Robyn Youkilis?

That’s right, our very own, Robyn Youkilis is taking us through a day in her life. She is known as the ‘on-the-go guru’ and has helped thousands of people feel their best without changing who they are in her practice, Your Healthiest You.

One of Robyn’s best pieces of advice for living a balanced life is to eat healthy food that makes you feel great 80% of the time.  The rest?  Whatever you want!

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Robyn highlights some amazing foods in her video like caffeinated tea that won’t give you the jitters and an amazing bar you can keep in your bag for a much needed boost of energy.  She gives so many great on-the-go tips in the video, you definitely don’t want to miss it!

By the way, what do YOU eat?  We want to know!
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