Video: 10 minute meal Black Bean Pasta with Butternut Squash Cream Sauce

We’ve all been in a place where we get home late but still need a great meal. You could:(A) Order in food but that takes 30-40 minutes

(B) Eat some frozen meal or ramen-type thing that makes you feel bloated, groggy and unsatisfied

(C) Make a black bean pasta with butternut squash cream sauce and spinach…in 10 minutes flat.

Ummmm, who isn’t going with C?

This dish is easy to prepare, full of protein, fiber and totally delicious.  All you need are a couple pantry staples, a diced onion (we’ll show you how to do this quickly and without tears in Rock the Kitchen) and you’re in for an incredibly satifying and cozy dinner.Move over Rachael Ray.  30 minute meals so so yesterday.  We’re talkin’ 10 measly minutes, you guys!  That’s all the time you need!

NOTE: This video is straight from our 5-week program, 
Rock the Kitchen.  This is how all the videos look and feel.  

They are full of easy instruction, health coaching tips and of course, wonderful recipes!


Keep reading to see what else you’ll get in Rock the Kitchen.

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