Best Salt Free Water Softener, Is This a Healthier Option?

Best salt-free water softener, is this a healthier option? There are two types of water that we consume daily, hard and soft water. The significant difference between the two types of water is the number of minerals it contains. Hard water can be sourced from boreholes and wells, while soft water is sourced from treated water like the city water supply or even boiled water. Hard water has a natural salt like a taste; the main reason for this is the two primary minerals present in hard water. Calcium and magnesium are the major minerals present in hard water while they are found in small quantities in soft water.

A water softener softens hard water, these softeners can either be salt-based or salt-free softeners. Most water softeners use charged sodium ions resins to exchange the calcium and sodium ions with the sodium ions. This is how the water becomes soft. The technology behind the best salt-free water softener that nothing you have seen before. It is known as TAC, Template Assisted Crystallization. In brief, the minerals present are crystallized into Nanocrystals. They will still be available in the water but a neutral form. This is how the water becomes soft. What are the health benefits of using salt-free water softeners?

  1. It limits the amount of sodium in water Sodium is still a vital mineral for your health, and it plays a crucial role in the nervous impulse, water balance in the body, etc. By drinking beverages from water that was softened by salt water softeners, you are increasing the amount of sodium intake in your body. It is advisable to consume sodium from food sources rather than from water. An increase in the amount of sodium in your body can have various health problems such as high blood pressure. A good alternative is to use a salt-free water softener, and it doesn’t add sodium ions to the water. This is good for people with heart diseases who have been advised to restrict the intake of sodium ions in foods and water. Using the softener, you will be drinking water without worrying about the influx of sodium in your bloodstream.
  2. Some minerals will be available in the water As discussed above, salt-free water softeners use the TAO technology to crystallize the minerals. This means that the minerals are still in the water you drink. The minerals in question are calcium and magnesium. Calcium plays an essential role in healthy heart pressure and muscle and bone development. Magnesium is necessary for toxin removal in the body. Salt-free softeners ensure that you still consume moderate amounts of these two essential minerals in your drinking water.
  3. No skin problems The cations in hard water combine with the anions in soap material to form a cloggy white substance. When this substance gets into your skin pores while bathing, it causes bacteria to grow leading to skin ailments and irritation. Using a salt-free water softener alleviates this problem. Since most of the cations like calcium and magnesium will be in a crystallized form. There will be no reaction with the soap anions; this means no residue will be formed to clog your skin pores. Using a salt-free water softener is beneficial for you, will you get this product? Bathing in soft water reduces skin ailments like Eczema and skin rashes.


Using a salt-free water softener has many health advantages to your body, you need to reduce sodium intake to avoid heart problems. Make sure you use salt-free water softeners daily to reap these health benefits.