Healthy Diet and Best Ar 15 Scopes to Shoot Accurately

I am a game hunter This may have some people up in arms, using the old How can you shoot poor defenseless animals for your pleasure? It bothered me for a while, but what people don’t realize is that I hunt for my food, not for pleasure, and to be honest, these same people don’t seem to realize that they are just the same as I am.

The only difference is that they purchase their meat in a store, de-feathered or skinned, and not resembling Bambi, or Babe or any other animal that I simply hunt myself. In fact, unless you’re spending far more for organic meat, free range eggs, and cruelty-free products, one could say that the anti-hunters are supporting far more cruel practices. We all know about (and try to ignore) the terrible things that go on in the meat and dairy industry, yet somehow, hunting for your own food is frowned upon.

Hunting For Fun Versus Hunting For Food

I will be the first to agree that hunting animals, especially majestic elephants, wild cats, and other wild animals simply to show off as trophies are both cruel and wasteful. Most of the animals that are hunted for fun and paraded all over social media aren’t very edible anyway.

When I hunt for my own food, food that is healthy, free of chemicals and hormones, and killed quickly instead of spending their lives in tiny areas, never seeing the sunlight, it leaves me with no guilt whatsoever I never hunt endangered or restricted animals. I use as much of the animal as I can for my or my family’s nourishment with minimal wastage. Meat from a fresh wild animal that has grown with a natural diet actually has a higher nutritional value than store-bought meat.

What Kind Of Animals Do Hunters Hunt?

Depending on your location and its legislation, the most common hunted animals include moose, elk, deer, and even smaller animals like rabbits and some birds.

How Do Hunters Hunt?

As mentioned, hunting for meat is probably far less cruel than buying cheaper, prepared store-bought meat. In fact, it is an unspoken rule amongst hunters that we must be completely sure of our targets before shooting and do everything possible to ensure that the animal down as fast and painlessly as possible. In order for this to be possible, it is critical to use the right hunting equipment depending on the game you are hunting.
While the standard hunting weapon is a rifle, using the correct scope is a more in-depth subject. In my experience, the AR 15 Scope is the most effective in ensuring that my weapon is almost perfectly aimed at my target, meaning that when I fire a shot, the animal will indeed be killed instantly and painlessly.

The best AR 15 Scopes for hunting.

While everyone has their preference, consideration must always be taken into the kind of scope a hunter will use The following are the main qualities that need to be considered before buying a scope,

  1. Magnification This can make a huge difference when it comes to visibility and accuracy of a target.
  2. Construction This includes the body or main tube of the scope-tubes that are larger are better for long distance shooting and also allows for more adjustment to suit your needs.
  3. Objective Lens This is basically a case of buying a lens that can help to provide more light in darker areas.
  4. Eye-relief This is very important, because if you don’t buy a scope with a higher eye-relief function, you may almost certainly end up with a black eye or an even worse injury. There is a lot more technical detail to the above, but these are the basics which, if interested, you can research or ask veterans in the hunting game.

My scopes of choice? AR 15 Scopes. They meet all of my hunting needs and come in a variety of models for different hunting situations. My 2 favourites would have to be the GLX Low-Temperature-Green Laser-Rifle Sight-(4th Gen.) By Barska, which gives an even more accurate shot, night or day, thanks to its far-reaching 5mW laser. I also love my 4x30mm IR-Electro Sight-Multi-Rail Tactical Rifle-Scope By Barska for its versatility-it is effective regardless of distance, whether it be short, medium or long distance shooting.

I hope you gained some insight with this article, whether you’re a hunter looking for advice for your hobby, or a full-on hunter hater- hope you can see the world of hunting in a different light now We aren’t all bad. Happy hunting!